CH-5 reconnaissance-strike drone reporter had an exclusive interview at the trade fair with Shi Wen, chief designer of Rainbow series of reconnaissance-strike drones (CH-1 to CH-5 drones) of China Academy of Aerospace Aerodynamics of China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation (CASC). Shi gave the following specifications of CH-3 drone that are somewhat different from those revealed in Wikipedia.

Specifications of CH-3 ;

Wingspan (m): 8
Length (m): 5.5
Range (km): 2,400 instead of 960 as revealed in wikipedia
Endurance (h): 12
Takeoff weight (kg): 640
Effective payload (kg): 60
Ceiling (km): 6 instead of 4 as revealed in wikipedia
Weapons: 2 AR-1 missiles

However, the reporter’s interest was mainly on the new member of Shi’s Rainbow series drones CH-5. Shi said that CH-5 had its successful maiden flight in August and its payload is 2.5 times of that of CH-4. He revealed for the first time the secret of the specifications of CH-5 as follows:

Specifications of CH-5 ;

Wingspan (m): 20
Endurance (h): 40 to be raised to 120
Takeoff weight (kg): 3,000
Payload (kg): 800-900 for domestic version/480 for export version
Maximum payload (kg): 1,000
Ceiling (km): 8-9

Tiltrotor drone was showcased for the first time in the sixth drone trade fair in Shenzhen


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