TA-600 amphibious aircraft

Mil.huanqiu.com said in its report, that Tang Changhong, a CPPCC (China Political Consultative Conference, a political advisory body with the status of semi-parliament organization) member and chief engineer of Y-20 project in China Aviation Industry Corporation, disclosed yesterday the tremendous progress China had made in developing its three large airplanes:
  • Y-20 large transport will hopefully be delivered to users soon;
  • C919 large airliner will have a fully assembled prototype; and
  • So will TA-600 large amphibious aircraft that will begin maiden flight in 2016.
Tang said that China was developing transport aircrafts larger and smaller than Y-20 to meet various different demands.
The medium-sized one will carry a load of 20 tons.
To a reporter’s question whether 3D printing is used in making Y-20, Tang said that the technology is used in making all kinds of aircrafts.

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