NASA MAVEN mission.

Launched in November 2013, the spacecraft entered orbit around Mars on Sept. 21 completing an interplanetary journey of 10 months and 442 million miles (711 million km). MAVEN is the first spacecraft devoted to exploring and understanding the Martian upper atmosphere to help scientists understand climate change over the Red Planet’s history.

Russian Aviastar-SP - Il-76MD-90A Heavy Military Transport Aircraft

Heavy military transport aircraft Il-76MD-90A is an upgraded version of the famous aircraft Il-76MD that had once been manufactured in the Republic of Uzbekistan at the Tashkent factory named after Chkalov. The new integrated flight and navigation system, the automatic control system, the communications system and the “glass cabin” comply with all up-to-date aircraft avionics requirements and significantly increase the flight safety, navigation and cargo/troop parachute dropping accuracy. Replacement of standard D-30KP2 engines with much more up-to-date PS-90A-76 ones, installation of a modified wing and a reinforced landing gear significantly extend the aircraft performance. Originally developed by: “Aviation Complex named after S.V. Ilyushin”, Russia The heavy strategic military transport aircraft Il-76MD-90A is designed for inter-regional transportation of troops, heavy long-size vehicles and cargoes as well as for cargo/heavy vehicles/troops parachute dropping and air-mission landing. The aircraft transports the whole list of military equipment used by airborne troops of Russia. IL76MD-90A can be also used for transportation of ill and injured people and for fire-extinguishing purposes. The maximum payload has been increased up to 60 tons. The maximum takeoff weight has been increased to reach 210 tons.

Russian TV drone films destruction around Donetsk airport

Syrian Tank Video from 11th October. This one is unique because the ammo in the tank probably exploded after the the TOW missile hit.


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