The 20th 054A frigate was launched at night reported on October 9 that according to Hubei TV news, since 2006 twenty 054A frigates have been launched. Among them, sixteen have been commissioned. They are armed with different weapon systems since series production began. Some of them have been installed with anti-submarine towed array sonar system. New frigates are armed with the newest Type 1130 close defense gun able to shoot at the speed of 10,000 rounds per minute.
It is said that China’s 20th 054A frigate was launched at night in mid July. Judging by the photos published by Chinese media, no number has been painted on the vessel, but it has been installed with all equipment including radar and cannons.
There have been improvement in equipment while new 054A is turned out. Its towed array sonar system has been expanded and its Type 730 close defense gun has been replaced by Type 1130 one with double speed of firing to provide better defense against missiles coming near it.
The frigate can serve as a member of an aircraft carrier battle group as it is installed with 32 vertically launched Haihongqi-16 air-defense missiles and 8 Yingji-83 anti-ship missiles that can be launched vertically. Its radar monitors an area within 260 km around it and is able to track 100 targets and select 10 most dangerous targets to hit.
When China’s aircraft carrier the Liaoning was berthed in Qingdao last April, it is convoyed by two 054A frigates. “20 China-made 054A frigates have been launched: Their fire power has been improved to enable them to be convoys of aircraft carrier”

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