Type 59 tank, most retired and rest for trainning

Type 59D tank

Type59 tank (new name VT-3 MBT) , It's updated new turret, optical system on top left side and changed from 105mm to 125mm gun.

Updated solution for type59 tank, appeared on Tanzania military parade.

PLZ-45 155mm SPH, in Algeria e7e534b0c97a0f2d7b0d03cb067e1503.jpg

MBT -- VT tank family:VT-1, VT-2, VT-3, VT-4 MBT

VT-1 MBT is the new name, "MBT-2000" is the old export designation for the same tank (original called Type 90II at home).

VT-1A MBT is a improved version of VT-1/MBT-2000. Here are they in Peru and Myanmar. Looks identical.
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VT-2 MBT (ZTZ96A export version):

VT-3 MBT (Updated from type59 tank with 125mm gun), cheaper cost MBT for developing nations

VT-4 MBT original name MBT-3000, is the current version of VT-1/MBT-2000 after major upgrade.
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VT-4 MBT with Weapon station added


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