Test of new FD-2000 air defense missile
FD-2000 air defense missile

Host: TV station’s reporter has recently watched in person the test of FD-2000 long-range air defense missile at a missile firing range deep in a desert.
Reporter: I am now at the range where the target drone was to be launched. It was more than 80 km away from the firing range of DF-2000 missile. The target drone’s number had been written everywhere on its coating so that if it had been shot down by the air defense missile, we could find broken pieces of it with the number written on the pieces.
The white target drone rose high into the sky as soon as the order was received. In spite of its high speed, it was immediately locked on by the huge phased array radar of the missile system. A few dozens of seconds later, the target drone was turned into a piece of while cloud in a strange shape. A working staff told me that the cloud indicated that the target drone had been hit by the missile.
Reporter: More than three hours later the debris of the target drone were found in the desert. They now lie by my side. You see that must be the tail of the target drone. It is only a part about one meter long of the target drone. We see the number of the drone on the debris that proved the debris really belonged to the target drone. All the debris of the drone and the missile were collected and sent back for further study.
Source: huanqiu.com “China conduct open live ammunition shooting drill of its new FD2000 missile: The target drone was hit and broke into pieces” (summary by Chan Kai Yee)

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