CH-4 hunter-killer drone

The recent Tianjin International Drone Fair opened on August 29 gives us some further information especially on China’s new CH-4 hunter-killer drone. says: At the opening of Tianjin International Drone Fair on August 29, China displayed a real Caihong-4 (CH-4) hunter-killer drone. The drone has a wingspan of 18 meters and can cruise at a speed from 140 to 180 km/h and a height of 5,000 meters. Its maximum taking-off weight is 130 kg and can remain in air for 35 hours.
In addition to conventional reconnaissance, it can conduct accurate strikes at fixed or slow-motion targets on the ground with the precision-guided weapons it carries. There is speculation that the type of drone Chinese air force used for the first time in recent Peace Mission-2014 joint military drill is a CH-4.
SCMP says in its report on the drone today, “A Pentagon report in June said the resources and technological awareness deployed in China’s drone programme meant it could rival the United States’ systems in the future.
“Li Pingkun, the head of the Rainbow 4 project at the aerospace corporation, told state television the drone could make a long-distance hit on a target with a margin of error of less than 1.5 metres.”
According to SCMP, CH-4 was developed in response to US hunter-killer MQ-9 Reaper with comparable functions and performance but much slower speed as MQ-9 can cruise at 740 km/h.
Source: “Tianjin Drone Fair: China’s CH-4 Hunter-Killer Drone Displayed for the First Time” (summary by Chan Kai Yee)
Source: SCMP “Next-generation Rainbow drone ready for PLA delivery”

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