The bridge of the first Type 901 takes shape in the Longxue shipyard.

The Type 901 class is being built at the Guangzhou Shipyard International (GSI) Longxue. Thirty-one-and-a-half meters wide and over 200 meters long, the first Type 901 class supply ship will have a full displacement of around 40,000-45,000 tons. That's a similar size to the U.S. Navy's 49,000-ton Supply class replenishment ships, which can carry over 17,000 tons of jet and ship fuel, and 1950 tons of ammunition.

China Type 901 Supply Ship

The raised platform forward of the Type 901's bridge could carry a self defense weapon like a Type 730 or 1130 gatling CIWS. could also fit its supply ships with long range anti-ship or air defense missiles.

The Type 901 is thought to have 4 steam turbine engines, which would give it a top speed of around 25 knots. It will have up to five resupply gantries located midship, each of which can deploy palletized ammunition and supplies via cables, or fuel lines. This will allow the Type 901 to replenish multiple warships simultaneously while under sail, a key capability for modern navies. It will also be able to operate helicopters and drones from its helipad and hangar. While not a combat ship, it is expected, like US Navy ships, to carry some weapons for self-defense, most likely 30mm auto-cannons used in an air defense, anti-missile role.

China Type 901 Supply Ship

More Power Required
The Type 901's exhaust funnels are arranged on the axis of the ship's keel. It has enough power to keep speeds of 25 knots, which is enough to keep up and refuel aircraft carriers, and other fast warships.


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