South Korea launches second next-generation troop landing ship

South Korea on Tuesday launched its second next-generation landing vessel with upgraded mobility that will be deployed for operations in 2017, the navy said.

The second edition LST-II, the Cheonjabong, is 4,900 tonnes and is capable of doing 23 knots at full speed with a complement of 120 crew members, the Korea Herald reported.

The vessel, built by Hyundai Heavy Industries, is capable of delivering about 300 fully armed military personnel and also carry landing boats, tanks and two helicopters, the navy said.

The landing vessel is equipped with a domestically developed combat system and command post for landing operations. The next-generation ship has higher mobility compared with the navy's four landing vessels of the Go Jun Bong-class LST-1.

During peacetime, the new ship will carry out transport missions and shift to response operations in the event of conflict.
The vessel will undergo performance tests before being delivered in late 2016.


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