J-15 - 17.5.11 clearly with WS-10A - 04.jpg

J-15 is fully ready with WS-10H engine

J-15 + WS-10 - 26.5.11.jpg 
J-15 - 17.5.11 clearly with WS-10A - 06 + J-11BSH 08 81088.jpg
Apart from the new engine, J-15 will feature with the AESA radar and EOTS, also with more advanced composite materials..

Big Liquid Hydrogen Refrigeration Device for Space Program

A research worker holding a 10kW/20K helium
turbine rotor, a key part of the liquid hydrogen
refrigeration device

Mil.huanqiu.com says on April 29 that China has successfully developed its homegrown large (10,000 W grade) liquid hydrogen temperature zone low temperature refrigeration equipment, a very important device for its space program.

The device involves top advanced technology entirely not available for China in the world. It has taken Chinese researchers 4 years of hard work to make the equipment with support of various government agencies.


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