IDET 2015, the International Defence & Security Technologies Fair in Czech Republic

B611M ballistic missile scale model at IDET 2015

B611M its surface-to-surface ballistic missiles (SSMs) for export, has a range between 80 and 260 km, and a launch weight of 2,183 kg, including a 480 kg warhead.

Scale model of FK-1000 short-range air defense missile system

FK-1000 a surface-to-air missile weapon system with high operational performance all-weather mid-to-low-altitude and mid-to-short-range air defense weapon system, characterized by missile-gun integration and multiple functions integrated into a combat vehicle.
It is mainly designed for protecting the battlefields and the important places against various offensive air weapons such as cruise missiles, armed helicopters, air-to-surface missiles and fixed-wing aircraft.

Force Field Made Of Lasers

USN Railgun Continues On Track For Testing Deployment 2016


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