A leaked photo of the PLA Navy's Type 093G nuclear submarine. (Internet photo)
A leaked photo of the Type 093G nuclear submarine. (Internet photo)



The military channel of people.com.cn carried a report on CCTV’s interview with Chinese military expert Real Admiral Yin Zhuo about the 3 new nuclear submarines.
As CCTV is China’s top official TV media and Real Admiral is a navy insider, we believe, the report provides rare official information about China’s nuclear submarines.

First, Real Admiral Yin told the reporter that the design standards of China’s nuclear submarines are in the main equal to usual world standards.
When CCTV quotes media report that as 093G has Vertical Launch Systerm (VLS), it is better by far than Russia’s Oscar-class nuclear submarine and a real “aircraft carrier killer”. Yin said that was not a scientific view.
He said judging by the photo, the displacement of a 093G was but a few thousand tons but that of Russia’s Oscar-class is 20,000 tons.
 It can carry 24 missiles 4 tons each with a large range and supersonic speed. That is formidable fire power. A 093G is better in its VLS that enable it to attack targets in all direction.

Yin said: the initial design of 093G meant to give 093G powerful anti-ship and defense-breaking capabilities. The capabilities of land attack and relatively strong anti-submarine capabilities were added to the design later.

In addition, Yin revealed that a submarine was only able to detect surface ships within a distance of several dozen of kilometers, but the range of its anti-ship missile has a range of a few hundred kilometers while its anti-ground cruise missile has a range exceeding 1,000 kilometers.
Therefore, the submarine relies on the information provided by satellite and aircraft, which transmit the information to the submarine through land-based long-wave radio station.

He said, “A submarine needs a full set of external communication system to ensure its combat capabilities. At present, we have complete capabilities to safeguard our Type 093G nuclear submarines. We can provide such protection no matter where they have sailed to for battle operation.

people.com.cn “Type 093G nuclear submarine threatens large warships and can be installed with anti-ground cruise missiles


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