Unmanned armored vehicles



Latest toys at the Armoured Forces Engineering Academy in Beijing

The exposition, held at the Armoured Forces Engineering Academy in Beijing, was touted by senior People’s Liberation Army (PLA) officials as an opportunity to burnish civilian-military and international ties ahead of Army Day, the August 1 commemoration of the Communist-led army’s founding.
A promotional guide for the event, described as the first of its kind at the academy that foreign media had been allowed to attend, noted that “cadets, instructors and commanders would like to be interviewed”.
Young soldiers chatted with reporters while showing off technological projects including drones and small Transformer-like robots in bright primary colours.

US Marines Testing Unmanned Support Vehicle

Video footage of Marines maneuvering the Ground Unmanned Support Surrogate (GUSS), experimental technology being tested by the Marine Corps Warfighting Lab during Rim of the Pacific 2014 at Kahuku Training Area on Oahu, Hawaii. The GUSS is a multi-purpose support vehicle based on the ITV equipped with sensors to allow operation with or without a driver. GUSS is one of many technologies being experimented in a field environment during the Advanced Warfighting Experiment looking at new technologies and war fighting concepts for the Marine Corps of the future

Eurosatory 2014 - Live Demonstration

DARPA - XS-1 Unmanned Reusable Hypersonic Spaceplane Concept

Obrum ADVANCED STEALTH Main Battle Tank

HMS Illustrious carried Harriers attack aircrafts and sub hunting Sea Kings on board.


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