HHQ-10 (FL-3000N) short-range Close-In Weapon System (CIWS) Air Defense System
 FL-3000N primary 24-cell launcher.


Octuple launcher of Flying Leopard 3000 Naval (FL-3000N)

On primetime state television CCTV was show an advanced short-range missile defence system said to have a “high success rate” destroying incoming missiles and aircraft.
The Hongqi-10 (Reg Flag 10) surface-to-air missile was shown in CCTV evening news bulletin being fired from ships and land-based mobile launchers, and exploding in the sky on impact with its target.
It will protect warships against rockets over a limited area, and will be used alongside an “area defence system” which covers a larger area but has a slower response time, the state-run Global Times newspaper said Thursday.
“As a naval point defence missile system, HongQi-10 boasts a particularly quick response to low-altitude missiles that area defence systems fail to intercept,” it quoted Lan Yun, deputy chief editor of monthly journal Modern Ships, as saying.
It cited him adding that it had a high success rate in hitting its targets.
Incoming missiles only 1.5-10 metres above sea level can be targeted with the new system, which takes only 10 seconds to launch, Lan said.
The missiles can also used to protect ground forces from air attacks by ”jets, unmanned aerial vehicles and cruise missiles”, the Global Times report said, citing an expert.
The HHQ-10, whose export version is known as FL-3000N (Flying Leopard 3000 Naval), has been installed on some of China's most advanced warships including the 1,300-tonne Type 056 frigates and 7,000-tonne Type 052D destroyers.
Beijing has been increasing its military might and naval reach in recent years, and President Xi Jinping regularly urges the country to strengthen its ability to “win battles”.  SCMP: China shows off advanced ship missile defence system.
 FL-3000N missile utilizes a combined guidance system that incorporates both passive radio frequency (RF) guidance and imaging infrared (ImIR) guidance. There are a pair of horn like protrusions mounted on the ImIR seeker at the tip of the missile, and these two protrusions are the passive RF seeker. An optional ImIR only guidance is also available and the missile is a fire and forget weapon.
The fire control system (FCS) of FL-3000N can simultaneously control two launchers, and can be integrated into other FCS on board ships. Alternatively, FL-3000N is also capable being directly controlled by other FCS on board ships. The system is usually fully automatic without human intervention, but manual operation can be inserted when needed.

  • Length: 2 meters
  • Diameter: 0.12 meter
  • Minimum range: < 500 meters
  • Maximum range: > 9 km for subsonic targets, > 6 km for supersonic targets
  • Guidance: passive RF + ImIR or ImIR only.

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