Type 05 MBT

China's military new Main Battle Tank will be a leap in Technology. German media, "Rhine Outlook Journal" reports: China will stop production of 99 tanks, because the 05 new tanks coming soon. Type 05 tanks and three generations of semi-99A2 tanks, compared with a qualitative leap. The 05 tanks can no longer simply be viewed as a tank, but a super-marine attack platform, in addition to tanks, artillery, air defense missiles are also equipped with precision and non-lethal laser weapons. Comprehensive view of operational performance of this tank at night is preferred, for night operations, but part of the data is unknown.

The article quoted sources from Beijing as saying that 05-style super-tank is the newest main battle tanks of the PLA, have excellent stealth bullet shape, its turret and body are used to strengthen composite armor, bullet-proof improved several times. It will be PLA armored divisions and mechanized infantry division for the next major ground assault force, known as China's Super Marine ace, known as the world's first fourth-generation main battle tanks.

The full heavy battle tanks, 55 tons, length of 10 meters when the muzzle forward, vehicle length of 7.6 meters, 3.5 meters wide, 2.37 meters high, the maximum highway speed of 90 kph, 0 - 51.5 kph in 10 seconds. PLA-style Super 05 main battle tanks, made with a diameter of 152 mm high pressure smoothbore tank gun chamber, equipped with three types of ammunition types are new tail off shell stability, new shaped charge, artillery missiles. Stable tail off shell fired when initial velocity of 1950 m/s, direct distance of 3,200 meters, on the uniform thickness of 900 mm armor piercing more than a muzzle velocity of 1,500 meters when firing HEAT / sec. The gun is equipped with reliable self-loading machine gun rate of fire up to 12 rounds / min. Use of tungsten carbide stabilizing tail off shell, it can breakdown in the 2000 meters distance of 950 mm homogeneous armor, while the use of special alloy penetrators, the same distance of 1,000 mm armor-piercing capability, the gun can launch our newly developed 152-mm artillery self-guided missile, the missile a maximum range of 7.8 km, maximum depth of 900 mm armor, ancillary weapons: 13.8 mm automatic cannon a high shot, [Beitan 800 made]; 8.65 mm machine gun hand tied, [Bei Tan 3500-fat]; shell base 50 rounds; turret on each side 7 92MM smoke launchers.

05 advanced fire control system, with the 5th generation "Eye of Heaven" two-way stability fighter system can accurately high-speed moving target shooting, shooting 99 percent, with independent research and development of night vision, can be irradiated 0.1-8 km objectives, high-definition, 05 of the night fighting capability in the next few years, I am afraid that no one can surpass.

A main battle tank (MBT), also known as a battle tank or universal tank, is a tank that fills the heavy direct fire role of many modern armies. They were originally conceived to replace the light, medium, heavy and super-heavy tanks. Development was spurred in the Cold War with the development of lightweight composite armor. They are still supplemented in some armies with light tanks.
Today, main battle tanks are considered a key component of modern armies. Modern MBTs seldom operate alone, as they are organized into armored units which involve the support of infantry, who may accompany the MBTs in infantry fighting vehicles. They are also often supported by surveillance or ground-attack aircraft.

Main battle tanks are equipped with a main tank gun, and at least one machine gun.
MBT main guns are generally between 90 and 130 mm caliber, and can fire both anti-armor and, more recently, anti-personnel rounds. The cannon serves a dual role, able to engage other armored targets such as tanks and fortifications, and soft targets such as light vehicles and infantry. It is fixed to the turret, along with the loading and fire mechanism. Modern tanks utilize a sophisticated fire-control system, including rangefinders, computerized fire control, and stabilizers, which are designed to keep the cannon stable and aimed even if the hull is turning or shaking, making it easier for the operators to fire on the move and/or against moving targets. Gun-missile systems are complicated and have been particularly unsatisfactory to the United States who abandoned gun-missile projects such as the M60A2 and MBT-70. The MBT's role could be compromised because of the increasing distances involved and the increased reliance on indirect fire. The tank gun is still useful in urban combat for precisely delivering powerful fire while minimizing collateral damage


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