PL-10 has the range of 60 km, the speed of mach 4, the warhead of 33 kilo and most advanced Go-Onto-Target (GOT) missile guidance systems.
Once being locked, it is impossible for the enemy aircrafts to get away.
Strong anti-counter measure able to distinguish all chares/flares from engine exhaust.

The PL-10 AAM was developed by the Luoyang Electro-Optical Research Institute (LEOC). The development of this fifth-generation PL-10 short-range air-to-air missile was completed according to comments by the missile's designer on a Chinese TV show broadcast in late August 2014.

The PL-10 was first seen on websites in 2013 being carried on a retractable/covered pylon on the J-20 fifth-generation fighter.

J10bPL10.jpg On J-10B

On the wingtip pylon of the Shenyang Aircraft Corporation J-11 fighter. Experts were able to confirm that the PL-10 utilizes thrust vectoring. Its large fins also likely give the missile high rates of maneuverability, and it may feature a helmet-mounted display sighting system.

The PL-10 is claimed to include a Lock On After Launch (LOAL) capability, suggesting a high performance strapdown inertial midcourse package.
The missile also includes "multi-element imaging infrared seeker with anti-jamming capabilities" and off-boresight attacks.

Supersonic missile with ramjet engine and thrust vectoring hits its target at Mach 4-6 with S-maneuver at the terminal phase.



Comparable with AIM-9X


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