SAC FC-31 or J-31 v.2


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近日,中航工业与公安部、交通运输部、国防科工局联合组织 召开某型试验机公路运输协调会,会议由集团公司综合管理部主持。会议成立了由国防科工局牵头的指挥领导机构,建立了由中航工业牵头的组织协调机制,各省市 公安和交通部门联合保障,确保某型试验飞机安全、顺利、保密地完成运输任务。

 Baidu translation :
Recently, the aircraft industry and the Ministry of public security, Ministry of transport, national defense Bureau of the joint organization of a certain type of test machine road transport coordination meeting, the meeting chaired by the group's integrated management department. Meeting set up, led by the Bureau of science, technology and industry for national defense, command and leadership, established by the China aviation industry to take the lead organization and coordination mechanism, provincial public security and traffic departments joint guarantee to ensure a test aircraft safety, smooth, confidential to complete the transportation task.

FC-31 (J-31) 

J-31 - FC-31.V1 + V2 - CG 1.jpg  J-31 - FC-31.V1 + V2 - CG 2.jpg  J-31 - FC-31.V1 + V2 - CG 3.jpg


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  1. The J-31B with the WS-15 jet engine can super cruise without after burner.The J-31B will be China s stealth fighter on the CV-18 aircraft carrier.The government will fund the J-31B.THe WS-15 engine used a single crystal (Ti45Al8Ni)alloy turbine blade and a graphene turbine disk.The WS-15 has a 40,000lbs.thrust and a thrust to weight ratio of 10.