CH-4B at Kut airbase, 160km southeast of Baghdad



CH-4B Drones specs;

  •     Maximum takeoff weight 1,330-1,350kg
  •     Fuel capacity 165kg
  •     Payload 345kg
  •     Speed (cruising) 150-180km/h; (maximum) 210-235km/h;
  •     Range 200-250km Endurance 30 hours (unarmed) 14 hours (armed)
  •     Service ceiling 7,500m
Armament CH-4 : Four external hard points (under the wings); Lan Jian 7 (Blue Arrow 7) laser-guided air-to-surface missiles; LT series precision guided bombs; TG100 laser/INS/GPS-guided bomb.

MQ-1 Predator Drone


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