WS(Weishi)-2 is installed on a truck with six rocket launching boxes. Each box has a 406 mm caliber 1.3-ton rocket. It hits with a 400-kg warhead within the range of 200 km.
The warhead of Weishi-3 weighs 300 kg but its range is bigger exceeding 300 km.
Of course, over the past decade, China has developed quite some good new artillery systems on its own. The most well-known is its Weishi-/1/2/3 series rocket gun.
According to statistics, China ranks the first in artillery in the world, exceeding by far that owned by Russia and North Korea that are well-known for their substantial artillery troops.
North Korea’s artillery is mostly outdated and poorly maintained, but Russia’s artillery systems are advanced and mostly remote controlled. China’s artillery, however, is operated by well-trained servicemen and is mostly recent products. China has 17,000 cannons of more than 50 types including guns, howitzers, mortars and rocket guns.
Quite a few of them are copies of Russian products. 
Artillery divisions are now regarded as an outdated unit of army. China, Russia and North Korea are the few countries that still maintain artillery divisions. China has six artillery divisions but has introduced some new elements into the old military units.
Source: “The weapons that China ranks the first in the world in the scale of ownership. They can destroy enemy position in an instant” (summary by Chan Kai Yee)

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